Craft Cannabis

At Ponderosa Dispensary, we are known for top shelf craft cannabis and being a locally-owned small business. We distinguish our boutique quality marijuana flower from other dispensaries dispensaries by storing, displaying and dispensing it "deli style" in glass jars with distinct copper lids, reflecting the pride of our ownership group in being born and raised in the great State of Arizona.

The name “CopperTop” quickly stuck, as patients from across the Valley began traveling to Ponderosa asking for the flower in the jars with the copper tops. 

Quality Grown Flower

CopperTop flower is exclusively grown by the cultivation division of our company, Sonoran Roots. Sonoran Roots flower is grown utilizing a hydroponic medium called rockwool. Rockwool facilitates precise and regimented fertigation schedules, and promotes optimal moisture levels and prime aeration of the plant’s root zone, making it a superior substrate for cannabis cultivation. CopperTop flower is never treated with any chemical, pesticides, or heavy metals, and all of our flower goes through independent lab testing in compliance with Arizona Department of Health Services standards.

After our flower is harvested, it is patiently and properly dried, cured, and manicured by Sonoran Roots' incredibly talented harvest and trim team. The dry/cure process truly separates us from other cultivators in Arizona, and we never rush through this important step. 

Best Cannabis in Arizona

We can confidently say that our CopperTop flower is the highest quality cannabis available to customers and patients in the State of Arizona. Starting with the most exclusive and sought-after genetics is the first step in cultivating top-shelf craft cannabis.

The tremendous love and care given to our plants throughout the entire cultivation process makes Ponderosa’s CopperTop an exceptionally special product and experience for cannabis enthusiasts in Arizona. We never compromise the product we produce for our customers. 



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